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GBC Partners with Sky Zone Trampoline Parks

Sky Zone Building

After a recent conference in Chicago, GBC Safety Glow has partnered with Sky Zone Trampoline Parks to provide quality UV-Reactive products throughout Sky Zone franchises nationwide.

“Trampoline parks are everywhere nowdays. Kids love trampoline parks, especially Glow Nights when the lights are off and everything glows. With decreased visibility, parks need to set up appropriate safety precautions,” says GBC owner, Jason Doran. “Many parks utilize the tape method, but this is old technology that provides a short solution to an ongoing problem.”

The method of using tape is inefficient because after only a small amount of wear, it will start to peel off, unstick, and tear. You will find yourself constantly replacing your tape markings. Instead, GBC offers high quality solutions that are built with durability and longevity in mind to withstand the high traffic of trampoline parks. Solutions include perimeter markings, obstacle markings, hand rail markings, and stair treads.

Thank you to Alex and the corporate Sky Zone team for inviting GBC Safety Glow to participate in the conference and choosing us for your glow needs. We look forward to future business together!

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Sky Zone Stair Treads
Sky Zone Hand Rails

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