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Hello, I’m Jason Doran, CEO of GBC Safety Glow. We have been providing quality Photo-Luminescent and UV-Reactive Products to clients world wide for the past 14 years. We design, manufacture and coordinate installation for every project both national and international no matter the size.. With offices in Colorado, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin, we have extended our network of resources to better serve the U.S. Canada and abroad. Our diverse network of distributors, representatives, and installers across the globe allow us to be the #1 manufacturer of Photo-Luminescent and UV-Reactive products.

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GBC Emergency Egress Systems

GBC Safety Glow specializes in Emergency Egress Systems that provides easy and safe illuminated pathways for people exiting the building and also emergency crews entering the building in emergency evacuation situations. All components of our Emergency Egress Systems are UL 1994 compliant and also up to IFC/IBC 2009, 2012, 2015 building codes.

Learn how Emergency Egress Systems can benefit:
• Corporate/Office Buildings      • Oil Rigs
• Trampoline Parks                      Churches

Check out the GBC Blog and Industry News Blog for more information.

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GBC News Blog

GBC Safety Glow is continuously growing, adding new products, going to conferences, and installing life-saving products worldwide.

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Industry News

Architects, Contractors, Representatives & Distributors: this blog is geared to you. Find current technical data, building code updates, and more.

Photo-Luminescent Product Catalog

2017 Photo-Luminescent Catalog

GBC Safety Glow’s 2017 Photo-Luminescent Product Line offers many new and exciting products for businesses of all sizes looking to update their building safety features.

UV-Reactive Product Catalog

2017 UV-Reactive Catalog

GBC Safety Glow’s 2017 UV- Reactive Product Catalog is a complete brand new lineup of products. All products can be custom created to any color.