Custom Decorative ADA Signage

A wide variety of substrates, colors, text, and images are available to choose from.
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GBC Safety Glow is excited to announce their release of Custom Decorative ADA Signage. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires mandatory accessibility signage to be present in all public buildings including office spaces, hospitals, apartments, stores, malls, and more. This signage must be conveniently located and easily identifiable. It must be easy to read both visually and through tactile touch. It is a requirement that signage has raised tactile lettering with Grade 2 Braille readability.

GBC will work with you to create ADA-compliant signage for any building to make sure you get the look you want. ADA signage doesn’t have to look generic – GBC offers decorative options to match your building’s design and environment. Ask us today about custom ADA Signage options in a wide variety of substrates, colors, text and more.

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