Safety Solutions: Churches

Church Light & Glow

GBC Safety Glow’s Photo-Luminescent products work in many buildings and businesses including churches. After hearing from a safety director at a Mega Church, GBC identified a major issue across the nation’s churches. Many churches lower and dim their lights during service or song and this leads to safe paths of travel becoming invisible. Numerous people trip every year over chair legs, steps, bags, cords, because of this issue.

An easy solution to this is GBC Safety Glow’s Bull Nose Stair Treads to illuminate steps and Perimeter Demarcation Lines to illuminate perimeters and obstacles. Churches are finding these solutions very practical to incorporate into their rooms.

Church Safety Solutions

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  1. Hello again from Nigeria…
    I am so excited because I know I am working with the right team! I have been in business in Nigeria especially because of the magnitude of church business we have here.

    God bless you all!

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