Safety Solutions: Offshore Oil Rigs

Oil Rig Glow 3

The petrochemical industry has specific challenges it faces in regards to safety, especially in offshore oil rig platforms. GBC Safety Glow, a global leader in providing photo-luminescent safety solutions for demanding environments, continues to develop unique safety systems and products for the petrochemical industry.

Safety on offshore oil rig/ drilling platforms is no accident! Worker safety starts with 100% fail proof photo-luminescent oil rig safety solutions from GBC Safety Glow. In the event of power failure on the offshore oil rig, self illuminating products provide guidance, illuminate obstacles, delineate egress, and light the path to safety. The uses for these high quality photo-luminescent products on an offshore oil rig are limitless.

Our most popular solution created for offshore oil rigs is the illumination for helicopter landing pads. Helicopter landing pads on an offshore oil rig can be extremely treacherous, especially in less than ideal situations. Even the most skilled pilot needs to see obstacles such as drill towers and cranes. With GBC Safety Glow’s Photo-Luminescent Coating, landing pads are illuminated in the dark of night making landing safer and easier.

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